Puthina Rice

Puthina Rice - Indian Recipe

Puthina (Mint Leaves)

Mint leaves have the Indian subcontinent origin from long back. Its botanical name is Mentha arvensis. In Hindi and most other languages it is called as 'Pudina'. Its divine flavour gives a distinct aroma and taste. It is added to the Indian cuisine for flavour, seasoning, aroma and medicinal values. Used in salads, curry, rice and pickles. 

Mint leaves have the medicinal property as Menthol. As an oil, it is used in inhalers, mouth freshners and in aromatherapy. Pudina is used in tea, beverages, jellies, syrups and all. 

Light and dark green in colour and can be eaten raw. 

Recipe :  

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Total : 30 mins


Wash & Soak for sometime Basmati or Seeraga Samba Rice in water
I took one cup of basmati rice for this recipe 

Clean Pudina well.
Add Green chillies (4), Tomato (2), Onion Big (1)

Grind well

Take Ginger (2 inch), Garlic (10 cloves)
Grind & Keep separately 

If you are not having the ingredients go for packeted ginger garlic paste
Or otherwise use fresh grounded paste. 
It gives the best aroma to the rice. 

Keep the Cooking Pot on stove
Pour oil (2 tbsp)
Put Cinnamon (2), Anise (1), Bay Leaf (1) (Optional)
Cloves (4), Pepper (5), Maze (2) (Optional)
Add also Ginger Garlic paste
Fry a little

Add Puthina grounded paste

Fry well to remove the raw smell of the paste

Add soaked rice 
Add water & salt
For one cup of rice, add one and half cups or two cups of water
 Cook with lid. 
When it started boiling, cook for ten more mins in reduced flame

Ready for serving. 
Goes well with Vegetable Red Curry 

Enjoy !


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