Green Gram dal Curry

Green Gram Curry 

Green gram is small green beans of legume family. They have a lot of antioxidants properties, which help in many health issues.

Eaten as boiled or sprouted. Mostly used dal in Indian cuisine after removing their skins as Moong Dal. These green gram dals are used in salads, soups, curry and stir-frys.

Recipe : 

For Grinding : 

Coconut scraped (1 tbsp)
Red Chilly (1)
Garlic Cloves (4)
Jeera (1 tsp)
Turmeric Powder (1 tsp)
Curry Leaves 

Grind Coarsely. Keep aside. 

Method : 

Soak the green gram (1 cup) overnight. 
Cook with salt & water, the next morning. 

Remove the froth that is coming up.  

Keep Kadai on stove. 
Heat oil (1 tsp). 
Add seasonings, Urad dal (1 tsp), Mustard (1 tsp) & Curry Leaves.

Add boiled green grams, ground masala and little salt. 

Green gram curry is now ready to eat !

Goes well with Oily Brinjal Kulambu and rice.  


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