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Aviyal is the medley of vegetables, mostly Indian. This dish is famous as a side curry for the main food rice. Aviyal recipe varies with each district of Tamilnadu. Most tasted and preferred one is from Nanjil nadu, that is Kanyakumari district. That recipe follows the Kerala pattern of preparation. 

Country vegetables and coconut forms the main ingredients in this cuisine. Yam pieces are used in this. As yam is bit itchy, we have to cook it separately and add to the Aviyal at the last, before gronud coconut is added. 
Drumsticks (2) cut into 3 inch pieces, which further cut in lengthwise. Brinjal (4) cut lengthwise Raw Banana (1) cut into 2 inch pieces Cluster Beans (10) cut into small pieces

Broad Beans (5) cut into small pieces Carrot (1) cut into 1 inch pieces, optional, added for colour rich Snake Gourd (1 small) cut into 1 inch pieces Raw mango (4 lengthwise pieces) Yam (1 small cupful) cut into 1 inch pieces
Salt Curd (1 tbsp, Optional) Coconut Oil (1 tbsp)

For grindin…

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