Wheat Chapathies are good and flavorful.  Whole wheat flour is used to make chapathy. In South India, we are not used to these types of foods earlier. But now we follow our sisters of north india and making fine Indian Breads now. But not so fine as them. 


Take whole wheat atta (flour) 2 cupful 
Salt, Baking soda and little oil

Knead the flour by adding water little by little
For Poori making, we need a reduce amount of water, as the dough needs to be tough 

But for chapathi, it needs to be soft.
After kneading, open up the dough a little 
then add a sprinkle of water and knead again. 
Make Balls 

After that, keep it covered with a moist cloth

Laid the dough with chapathi roller.

Put the tava on stove
Make the chapathies hot. 

Enjoy with any type of Kurma or Gravy

Most suited is Dal (North India) & Potato Kurma (South India)


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