Pumpkin Curry



Pumpkin comes in so many varieties. Nearly 45 varieties are there around the world. Autumn Gold is the common big orange variety and Baby bear is the flatenned small one. 

It has high antioxidant property that reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Highly nutritious and rich in Vitamin A, that helps the eyesight to improve. Its low calorie count is used in weight loss diets. 


Pumpkin is grown here in south india and used in many varieties of food types, from Sambar to Curry, with dal and coconut. This recipe is a simple pumpkin relish.


Pumpkin (1 small)
Mustard (1 tsp)
Urad dal (1 tsp)
Red chilly (1)
Curry Leaves 
Rock Salt

For grinding 

Coconut scraping (1 tbsp)
Red chilly (1)
Turmeric Powder (1 tsp)
Garlic (3 small cloves)
Curry leaves


Ground the masala coarsely. Simply pulsing the mixie is enough.

Cut pumpkin into small pieces.

Keep a kadai on stove.
Add the oil and seasoning. 

Add the pumpkin.
Cook with little water and salt.

Mash it well with a ladle.

Add ground masala. 
Add little salt. 



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