Oily Brinjal Kulambu (Gravy)

Oily Brinjal Kulambu 

This Brinjal kulambu is a South Indian Dish. It goes well with Rice, boiled. Using Gingelly Oil for this dish is good for health. If you are allergic to sesame, go for Groundnut Oil. 

Use the whole brinjal cut in quarters, three fourth in length. We have to prepare the ground masala for this kulambu. 


For Grinding : 

Coriander seeds (2 tbsp)
Black Pepper (1 tsp)
Onion (1) or Small Onions (5)

Curry Leaves 
Red Chillies (5)
Coconut scrapped (2 tbsp)
Turmeric Powder a little 

Fry without oil and grind them well. 

Method : 

Soak Tamarind in warm water and take the tamarind juice. 

Cut the brinjals (4) in quarters, not to full length. 

Keep kadai on stove. Heat the oil (2 tbsp). 
Place the brinjals in the heated oil and shallow fry. 

After the brinjals are well fried,

Add the seasonings, fenugreek seeds (1tsp), Mustard (1 tsp) and curry leaves. 

Let them splutter. Add the tamarind juice. 

Let it boil. Add the ground masala and salt to that. 
When the kulambu becomes thick in consistency, turn off the stove. 

Oily Brinjal Kulambu is ready to eat with rice. 

It goes well with a side dish of Green Gram Dal Curry

Enjoy !   


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