Aviyal is the medley of vegetables, mostly Indian. This dish is famous as a side curry for the main food rice. Aviyal recipe varies with each district of Tamilnadu. Most tasted and preferred one is from Nanjil nadu, that is Kanyakumari district. That recipe follows the Kerala pattern of preparation. 


Country vegetables and coconut forms the main ingredients in this cuisine. Yam pieces are used in this. As yam is bit itchy, we have to cook it separately and add to the Aviyal at the last, before gronud coconut is added. 


Drumsticks (2) cut into 3 inch pieces, which further cut in lengthwise.
Brinjal (4) cut lengthwise
Raw Banana (1) cut into 2 inch pieces
Cluster Beans (10) cut into small pieces

Broad Beans (5) cut into small pieces
Carrot (1) cut into 1 inch pieces, optional, added for colour rich
Snake Gourd (1 small) cut into 1 inch pieces
Raw mango (4 lengthwise pieces)
Yam (1 small cupful) cut into 1 inch pieces
Curd (1 tbsp, Optional)
Coconut Oil (1 tbsp)

For grinding 

Coconut scrapping (2 tbsp)
Green chilly (3)
Small Onions (5)
Rice (1 tsp)
Curry Leaves 
Tamarind (2 inch piece)


Grind the given ingredients coarsely and keep aside. 

Cut all the vegetables. 

Cook yam and keep aside, as given. 

First take a wide pan or vessel. 
Cook the drumsticks with salt.

When its half cooked, add the remaining vegetables except Mango pieces.

Add little water and salt to cook. If the water is in excess, then the aviyal would become mushy. So add less water. And shagging the vegetables after few minutes during cooking would be fine. Dont use any ladle to stir the vegetables. Instead stir it with the ladle's handle. 

When the vegetables are three fourths done, add the mango pieces and shake the vessel. let it cook for few more seconds. 

Add the ground masala and shake it well. Stir it mildly with the ladle's handle. 

Add curd. If you are lactose intolerant, avoid curd. 

Add coconut oil at last. Stir it and turn off the stove.  

Done !


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