Purple Cabbage Peas Curry

Cabbage Peas Curry

Main Ingredients : Purple Cabbage and Peas
Cooking Time : 15 mins

Purple or Red Cabbage's leaves are coloured dark red/purple. In acidic soils, the leaves grow more reddish, in neutral soils they will grow more purple, while an alkaline soil will produce rather greenish-yellow coloured cabbages.

Purple cabbage has a relatively high ratio of nutrients and vitamins to calories and fat, which makes it an ideal choice for dieters. It is common in salads, coleslaw, braised dishes and pickled treats. On cooking, red cabbage will normally turn blue. 

Green Peas are one of the most nutritious leguminous vegetables rich in health benefiting phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.


Take Purple cabbage and Peas

Half cook the green peas

Cut the cabbage into thin strips  

Slit Green chilies 
Take curry leaves & coriander leaves for seasoning

In a Kadai, pour little oil.
Add split Urad Dal, Mustard for seasoning 

Add green chili, curry leaves, cabbage & boiled peas  

Garnish with Coriander leaves 
Have for lunch


To retain the red colour it is necessary to add vinegar or acidic fruit to the pot.


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