How to Clean mushrooms

Cleaning Mushrooms

Mushrooms are edible fungus, contain large source of Vit D2. They are in light brownish color. I used to clean each and every vegetables so perfectly. These little umbrellas are no exception to me. Cleaning and Cooking is an easy task. Once cleaned we can make gravy / dry dishes and my favourite is Kadai Mushroom Gravy. You also can try.

How to clean :

1. Take the mushrooms and have a wash in water.

2. Cut the stalk a little at the bottom.

3. If possible, cut the black portion inside the mushroom's umbrella. Remove these from the bigger ones.

4. Slightly remove the upper thin layer with the knife, if the mushroom is little dirt.

5. Its cleaned..Now cut as long stripes for dishes. 

Now I can use it in recipes like Mushroom Gravy


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